Around this time every year, since 1985, I’ve made predictions about the world, the USA, California, and San Diego, California (where I live). Predictions about the world are not easily made because it is easier for me to zero in on a person rather than a country or even a continent. The person tends to show their feelings more quickly for me psychically whereas the country has to have the consent of most of those who live there to create happenings. Sometimes it shows up quickly, but other times it doesn’t. And, sometimes, things have not been decided, so it could also appear cloudy.


   Prediction is more properly understood as small-scale prophecy, telling what will happen in the lives of individuals. Prophecy is on a grander, often on a national or global scale. However, the job description of the prophet does not include sitting back and saying “I told you so.” If that happens, the prophet has failed. Prophets are sent to arouse, awaken, disquiet, prod, warn, and promote evolution. The prophet, if she or he is a good one, taps into the mass undercurrents and, as these can rarely be rendered literally, the prophet usually speaks in metaphors. That really gets us going! While we are trying to decipher prophecies, we may surprise ourselves by our own wisdom or stymie ourselves by our own folly. However, the intention of the prophet is not purposefully to confuse. She or he can only give voice to visions, and these can have all sorts of meanings, like the imagery of our dreams. Things can, of course, come to pass on a variety of levels. Some say what is resolved on a mental level does not have to manifest materially. Keep in mind that we do have 75% free will.

   The great seer, Jean Dixon, who saw the assassinations of both Martin Luther King and President

John F. Kennedy, often said that sometimes the seer might interpret the visions from a subjective rather objective focus, thereby throwing off the correct information from the vision.

   A word about fear. Fear brings about of which you are afraid. There is a lot of airwave chatter about fear, particularly fearing that mysterious creature called, “terrorist.” This is what I recommend: do not buy into other people’s interpretation of what is going on, or their fears, including what is in the media. If your lessons in life bring you close to a terrorist situation, learn what you can from it and move on unafraid for fear is the enemy. Terrorists WANT to instill fear. The darkness wants you to be afraid – for in that fear you can be controlled. If you feel afraid, ask, ask to have your fear removed (by a Higher Power, your Angel, your Spirit Guide, or whatever) so that you can function in peace. A fully functioning spiritual person, or lightworker, cannot entertain or embrace fear. Fear cannot live where love or peace is. Remember, too, that there is much profit to be made from chaos and fear. It is to some people’s advantage to perpetuate fear, keep us off balance, and distracted. They know if we are afraid we will buy whatever it is they are selling. Remember, this is what happened in the Y2K (200) millennium scare. Be careful of this, particularly between now and the end of 2014.

   And, keep in mind that all of the greatest spiritual leaders, Buddha, Jesus, et cetera, were NOT “in it” for the riches and fame. They did not ask their followers to worship them, nor build temples and churches which to contain or wall off their ideas. They did not even suggest congregations where people could ban together in tribal egos where those not within its walls were considered inferior or wrong. Their messages were of love, acceptance, understanding, peace, and a personal journey toward one’s own divinity. That is why it is important to THINK, really think, about what is happening around you.

   The human race needs time and dates to live a peaceful life. Dates are the result of an arbitrary counting system established by the Christians. They are a good measuring device regardless of whether the whole world uses the same dating system or not. BUT, this world is in what is called Universal Time—similar to when the astronauts were in space, they were in the NOW. Just think of when you use the word “soon”—to different people it can be tomorrow, or three months from now. Universal Time has its’ own pace, and does not particularly fit into our concepts of time. So when a prediction is off time-wise, it is usually human error, or our world conscious has changed the energies.

   Contemporary seers indicate that a change in mass consciousness has come into effect and this has averted some of the worst scenarios. Certainly, things have changed, but that hasn’t always been so. While we are heading into the Age of Aquarius, we don’t know exactly when that will occur, since no

one knows exactly when the Piscean age started, so the start of the Aquarian Age ranges anywhere from 1975 through 2045. In the Age of Aquarius, we will carry-out humanistic ideals; people will trust their intuition; old structures will collapse, and nothing tangible will stop ideas. Borders, walls, or coasts will be transgressed; proponents of a belief, a religion, an ideology, or discipline will seek those of a similar nature—just like we are now doing on the Internet.

   A famous prophet, Nostradamus, was a millennium man, believing that the world would end in 2000 or possibly 3000. The Catholic Church had confidently predicted the end of the world in the years 999, 1000, and 1111, to the extent that people left their fields and animals unattended, awaiting the last day on the shores of the Mediterranean. When this did not materialize, it took at least two years for things to get back to normal. The Church simply shifted its prediction to the year 2000. This has a tremendous influence even on cultured and educated men, such as Nostradamus.

   Several of the most disturbing predictions have NOT materialized on time:


  1. 1914: This was predicted as the year of Armageddon by Jehovah’s Witnesses. Of course, the First World War did break out that year, but the world did not end.
  2. 1957: A Californian pastor foretold that, “sometime between April 16 and April 23, 1957, Armageddon will sweep away the world. Millions of persons will perish in its flames, and the lands will be scorched.”
  3. 1984 to 1999: Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, Guru of the Rajneesh movement, predicted many massive disasters on earth, --both natural and man-made--floods, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, and nuclear wars. New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Bombay will all disappear.
  4. 1993: David Koresh of the Branch Dividian Group in Waco, Texas computed the imminent end of the world from texts in the Bible. On April 10, 1993, 76 commune members died as the result of a fire deliberately started.
  5. 2011: Harold Camping, founder of Family Radio International, predicted the rapture would occur at 6:00 p.m. on May 21, 2011. When it did not happen he changed his prediction to October 21, 2011.


   Some people are predicting “the end” of the world based on the forthcoming November 11, 2011, or 11-11-11, and attribute it to in the Christian Bible, 1) in Revelation 11:11, the Two Witnesses are raised from the dead; 2) in Luke 21/11, not in the text, but in the chapter and verse designation. “21” refers to the 21st Century; “11” refers to the 11th year. The problem with this prophecy is that the chapter designations in the Bible were only created in the 13th century CE, the verses in the Christian scriptures (aka, New Testament) were only assigned in the 16th century CE.

   Recall that the Gregorian Calendar is based on the year 1 CE, having been arbitrarily chosen, and occurred four to seven years after Jesus’ birthday, when nothing much in the world was happening. With an arbitrary beginning, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to assume that the end of the world would happen at some magical combination of numbers in the Gregorian date, like the first day of the year 2000, or 11-11-11.

   Many people believe that planetary events can be influenced by the mass psyche; in other words, what we all think, how we react, what we believe, and what forms our sense of reality effects that reality. Sounds incredible? Quantum physics is beginning to confirm that processes are indeed affected by the observer.


My predictions for this coming year, with some of them carried over from last year because the conditions are the same. They are divided into USA, California, Hollywood, San Diego, International categories, and are:




             December 2017, possobly through 2018, there will be a world-wide flu like epidemic from a strange disease that attacks the immune system. There will be many deaths from this.

             A hugh ice sheet breaks free; possibly disrupting shipping.

             Research will definitely show that commonly used food additives cause cancer. Between 2016-2019 three cancer processing techniques will become available.          

           Unprecedented weather continues worldwide, indicating climate changes. No government from the major CO-2 producing nations will take any concrete action. There will be further disturbances to Earth’s structure with many more earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in the next few years.

           Sinkholes continue to show up worldwide, with strange noises and odors, particularly at the coasts—all of which will continue to baffle authorities.

           There will be many solar flares, which will cause problems with travel, communication, and power outages and a huge discovery, or significant event, will occur.

           The Earth’s atmosphere will still have the ability to cleanse itself with the global hydroxyl radicals (hazardous pollutants and some important greenhouse gasses), but not carbon dioxide which causes global warming.

       Strange fluctuations in the Earth’s Magnetic Field detected.

       Orbs and fire lights will be seen worldwide.

       Biotin – Very poor investment this year. Give it time to become stable.

       Diseases – Old diseases will make a come back, like tuberculosis, leprosy, measles, etc. 

       Lupus – A breakthrough will occur.

       Major archaeological discoveries – in Africa, Egypt, and the Yucatan in South America.


             There will be more unearthing and exposing the truths told to us en masse. We will want serious answers to serious questions. People are tired of rules, regulation, and accepted social mores--which do not apply to politics, religion, education--which badly need to be updated. In 2017, we will see the pseudo-actions of politicians and other authority figures, which demand attention and comsequences to those of higher income, the rich and famous.


       Our quest for adventure on other planets will pick up speed.


       There continues to be continued loss of national identities. People will want to be in proximity to their international counterparts through the Internet, whether they relocate or travel. Because we are in the Age of Aquarius, nothing tangible can stop an idea. Borders, walls, or coasts will be transgressed. Nations will expand or fall during this century, and the successful ones will be those that can absorb and cultivate the diversity of the global citizen.


             People now see government and other structures evaporating and ask “Why is this happening now?” That is because the earth is in endings of the zodiac sign of Pisean energies (which developed  feelings, emotions, love, family connections, compassion, spirituality, attitudes of belief and faith, self-     sacrifice for eternal happiness in the afterworld, or life as we now know it) and the new energies coming in the zodiac sign of Aquarius (bringing in new ways of thought, feelings, behaviors; freedom, intuition, individuality, intellectual understanding, a higher knowing, and group consciousness). At this moment, we are in the meeting point of both Pisces and Aquarius energies. At the present time, with both energies present, the two energies are meeting, which gives us, and the whole earth, a dynamic and exciting time...a great interweaving of life.




         There again appears to be a decline in consumer sentiments and business confidence. To diffuse this, there will be more news released about the financial woes of Spain, Greece, Italy, Japan, and other countries.


  1. From JANUARY 2016: Democrat Hilary Clinton –She is influenced by others which helps her achieve order, but she appears to have little influence on the people. She will not be the next President.
  2. From JANUARY 2016: Donald Trump - Will be voted the next President.


  1. President Trump and his governing our nation – There will be many roablocks to his personal style even though he will be sincere and obstructed; he will change/halt his tactics which will bring good results. He will be a strong leader and strong supprter of America.He appears to be active the first two years, but he may peter out the last two years in terms of public appeal and delivering on promises. He may start off with fulfilling his campaign promises, but will run into roadbloocks in getting them into law. His success will be through ceativity. It will appear that Washington, DC., is everything masculine and active.

                     Other actions that President Trump may do:

   Repeals Ombama care about 50%; cuts the tax for working people; does away with free trade, repeals the estate tax; imposes at least a 20% tax on companies hiring foreign workers or going abroad; completely eliminates large trade surpluses with China, Japan,Mexico, South Korea, Germany and India; will unleash America’s oil and natural gas resources, including the Keystone project; rebuilds the US military; gets America’s economy on an upward swing; appoints two conservative judges to the US Supreme Court, tilting it to the right; favors tax cuts for our wounded veterans; possibly using Executive Power for new sanctions or preventing foreign businesses that do business with Terhan from banking in the USA; will block Syrian and Moslem refugees with stricter laws; may impose tariffs on imports from Mexico; he will not stop/repeal Social Security or Medicare; laws that will stop out-sourcing will be passed                                                                


  1. House – Still not meeting goals; a male may stop things, but work gets done around him.
  2. Senate – Small things will be done; not great things
  3. Democratic Party – Not advancing; perseverance brings success in small things
  4. Republican Party – Powerful; strong in movement; will take on big projects successfully.
  5. Interest Rates – Our Federal government will increase the rates at least two to three times.
  6. Economy – Will grow a bit better.
  7. Unemployment Rate –Appears to come down. I still feel that the figures put out by the government have been skewed.
  8. Power Outages – More on the East Coast.
  9. Chemical Spills – More, particularly in Tennessee.
  10. Stock Market – There is much talk, again, about government regulations, how they are fought and nothing much is implemented or done. Good investments seem to be food, any environment technology, silver, platinum, tech companies, tax-free municipal bonds, silver,             platinum, phones, particularly learning and education, luxury items, wine, jewelry, gaming, real estate that attracts both USA and foreign investors, cannabis, the computer industries, technological corporations, automotive, intelligence, phones: anything with learning and education, generators, foreign currencies in “neutral” countries, weapons developments of companies in foreign countries, Chinese stocks: Taiwan and Vietnamese, and the companies that have $20 billion in their war chests: Johnson & Johnson, Berkshire Hathaway, Microsoft, Cisco, Apple, Hewlett Packard; and those that have $10 billion in theirwar chests: Google, Intel, and Ebay. Other companies that will do well are NetFlex, Wal-Mart, Monsanto, Smart Watches. and Dollar Stores. Hedge funds will be better in 2017.
  11. USA go to war? - Will be close, but no.
  12. USA Attacked from the Inside of the country? Yes, but difficulties will be overcome.
  13. USA Attacked from others? No, but ISIS will attempt a strike using drones, women and children.
  14. Baby Boomers – Will find it harder to survive on savings, social security, and Medicare.
  15. Affordable Health Care – Will be changed. Will still be available to a lot of people.
  16. Medicare - May have slight changes, but will still be in existence
  17. Social Security – Will still be in existence.
  18. Refugees – The USA will take in some and we will develop a correct way of going about social reorganizatioin.
  19. Home Loans – Banks are wanting to control ALL loans, and residential mortgage companies will find it harder to get home loans  
  20. USA Military Presence - I see a lot of countries like Russia, China, etc, wanting to stretch the military presence of the USA all over the world in order to weaken its forces.
  21. USA Dollar – Will go up.
  22. Two Parent Homes - There will still be a marked decline.
  23. Infrastructure (bridges, tunnels, airports, roads, sewers, electrical rides, etc.) - Will be in worse shape, going downhill, by the end of this year, and the government does not want to take any major action to rebuild.
  24. Cyber Attack - Yes, particularly in November, including a major store in New York City.  Also, there appears to be conflict between China and USA as satelite computers are hacked.
  25. Domestic automakers outperform the Japanese automakers.
  26. U.S. Postal Service will continue to lose a lot of money and personnel, without any big changes to stop the flow of losses.
  27. Laser guns – Will be used by the Navy more (shooting down drones, other flying vehicles, suicide boats, etc.) for short-range defense (four miles).
  28. Scientology – Will continue to fall apart from the inside out.
  29. Water – Contamination in major cities.
  30. Fireballs and Orbs – Will be seen throughout the United States.
  31. UFO Sightings – More will be seen in a major USA city and documented.
  32. Wealth – There will be more anger at the wealthy in 2017 than at any other time in modern history.
  33. Weather – Similar to last year. Extreme patterns continue and worsen in mid and east USA. Record snow falls. Because of the weather conditions, the costs will rise and less availability of avocados, almonds, chocolate and rice. Extreme heat in late summer creates droughts, forest fires, and water shortages. Tornadoes will be giant ones, particularly in Texas,         Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Tennessee..
  34. Farms – Many un-worked in the Heartland and the West.
  35. Hawaii – Massive tidal wave causing massive destruction.
  36. Sears – Will still try to sell their 300 stores to a real estate investment company and transform itself to e-commerce.
  37. Former President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, will sign post-presidency books that bring in $20 to $45 Milion.
  38. Eclipse on August 21 - America may experience a huge stock market fall.
  39. Hi-Tech       Manufacturing - Will improve the American economy.
  40. Banking - Although many safeguards will be eliminated I see major scandals and tax evasion.



  1. Economy – Somewhat stronger. Feel like we are on the road that goes upward, but it will take a ong time to expand upward.
  2. Earthquake, Major – Possible in Central California; but okay statewide.
  3. Gas – Price increases, probably in Juy..
  4. Governor Brown – I see him connecting with other groups and/or states regarding federal law and immigration; he may not be able to engage in the conflict and returns home alone.
  5. Water/Drought – Some more limitations, but okay.
  6. Fire – Four major ones; one will start by a careless wanderer.
  7. La Nina - Very good for Southern California.
  8. Terrorist Attack: May occur in Los Angeles.
  9. High Speed Rail: Appears to be fully built no later than 2019.




  1. MARRIAGES: Taylor Swift, Tom Cruise. Prince Harry , Leonardo de Caprio, Chrisine Brinkley
  2. George Clooney may be involved in political work. he and his wife will continue their charity work.
  3. Bill Cosby – The life he has been living comes to an end and will probably end up as useless. The legal system will go against him. Two to three years to live.
  4. Camille Cosby – No legal action will be taken against her her relationship will endure.
  5. SPLITS: Jennifer Garner and Ben Afleck; Reese Witherspoon and James Toth; Ellen Degenerous and Portia de Rosa (potential); Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (with more litigation on her part).
  6. WATCH HEALTH: Betty White, Cher, Barbara Walters, Jane Fonda, Angelina Joile, George and Barbara Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Summer Redstone, Valdimer Putin
  1. BABIES: Adele, Prince William, Kourtney Kardashiam, Kim Kardashiam and Kanye – Will try for another baby, but I see a split within ttwo years. Beyonce and JZ – Will try for another baby, but I see a split.
  2. POSSIBLE DEATHS: Kirk Douglas,Prince Phillip, Jackie Stalone, Jerry Lewis, Billy Graham, David Rockerfeller, and a US President











  1.        Will we have a Major Earthquake in San Diego? Not a large one; nothing is lost. In the San Diego Union-Tribune, October 11, 2010, the question was asked: “Does thecomplexity of fault systems in Southern California indicate that we’re at more risk of large earthquakes?” The answer was as follows: “It might appear that way because one might think the more faults the more earthquakes. But San Diego is in the unique position to belocated relatively far from the major active faults. The San Jacinto fault is about 50 miles east of us, and the San Andreas fault is even farther away at 100 miles.”
  1. Economy – Changes will be made to correct it so that it slightly increase.
  2. Housing Prices – Rise substantially.
  3. Fire – Looks like three large ones, with danger and difficulty.
  4. Padres - Mistakes are corrected; will do somewhat better than last year..
  5. Will the Chargers move out of San Diego? – In 2014 I said: No, but they may find a new resting place.   In 2015, there is some danger with unsatisfactory meetings. In 2016: No, seeking a new home too hastily; and 2017, will stay in San Diego.
  1. Earthquake - No, very small.
  2. Water – Good supply, but we will start saving again in March..
  1. La Nina - Positive for San Diego..
  2. Refugees - May turn out to be too many and may be too large or expensive for San Diego to handle properly.



  1. England – As I predicted in 2014, there will be another (third) pregnancy for Duchess Kate and Prince William. There may be an assassination attempt on Prime Minister David Cameron. Also a (male) death in the Royal Family. Prince Harry will become engaged. In London, massive riots will take place in the summer. There will be extensive flooding in Southern England.   There may be a short recession, but they will quickly come back on track. As England escapes the worst of international economic troubles it will be considered a safe economic haven. England will form strong links with India, Australia, Canada, and the USA. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair will return to politics.
  1. Iceland - A volcanic eruption causes a toxiic gas cloud over Norway.
  2. Japan – Strong earthquakes will continue and a tsunami may occur. Although there is a cover-up by the USA and Japan on the continued release of radiation, there will be more sea creatures dying from the radiation throughout the Pacific Ocean and the USA West Coast.   This will cause major changes to the Japanese diets. Whales beaching themselves worldwide will be regular news. The government is striving for abundance within the next three years.
  3. ISIS – In great danger of being eliminated; will withdraw rather than be totally eliminated.   Their attacks escalate, particularly in Europe. They will continue to loose in Iraq. ISIS is rapidly being defeated in many Middle Eastern Countries, but it shifts its’ focus to European terror attacks, so it not a total defeat.
  4. Al-Quada – Will not be active; but will continue to train some people to be terrorists.
  5. Terrorists - Will continue to attack and make some gain in the Phillipines, Malaysia, Bali, and Vietnam. Other terrorists will continue attacks in Germany, Middle East, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, France, Toronto, Switzerland, Rome, London, and attack a school in Europe.
  1. North Korea – In great danger; cannot rise out of downward spiral. Continues to make nucular weapons, but will not use them in the USA. Late in December, or in January, 2018, President Kim Jong-un’s life is in danger; he may be killed.
  2. Oil – Again, prices will go up, and then go down.
  3. European Union – Troubles worsen this year. Economic chaos in Europe with riots in many big cities (Berlin, Prague, Pariss, Rome, Madrid) because many people are suffering serious poverty qnd food shortages.. Political turmoil and crisis in most countries. Denmark and Italy may pull out of the EU.
  4. South America – Drug wars will start in Uruguay over the legalization of marijuana, which threatens the Mexico and Columbian drug cartels. The Brazilian economy may experience difficculties, but will get on a long- term stable path.
  5. Greece – Is the economic pit; persistent financial problems. Their people are fleeing to other countries for a more stable and rewarding life. It may take three years before getting stable. The country definetely has to change its’ ways in order to get economic stability.
  6. Italy – Standstill may come to an end, but political arrogance may prevent recovery.
  7. Germany – Struggles; particularly having a hard situation with connecting with other countries. There may be an assassination attempt against the President. The refugee crises will bring new politicans in power. A famous building in flames as right-wing riots occur.
  8. Refugees - Greece: It appears that an island has its’ resident moved and is used specifically to intern illegal immigrants for repatriation.

France: Will be calling for a penal island for terrorists.

Turkey: The repatriation deals made will fail, and a huge        flood  of new immigrants head towards Europe. The crisis in    Turkey gets worse.

Germany: Will be forced to take most of the new  immigrants  other European countries refuse to accept refugees.

15. Europe: Will be forced to stop the free movement of people and many countries will build border

16. France - Appears not to be facing economic problems, and feeling failure. Still loosing their way.

17. Saudia Arabia – Will work with other countries to defeat ISIS and Iran. Hesitation brings political misfortune; little personal growth. Terrorists continue to cause trouble and bombings.There may be a kidnapping and an attack of a member of the Saudi Arabian Royal Family.\

18. Spain - May not be on the right path for their growth; some danger in large cities.

19. Pakistan - Will rely on neighboring countries to assist them.

20. Mexico – There may be a bad earthquake, particularly around Mexico City.   Also, large hurricanes. Their econony will slow in 2017; maybe just a 2% growth.

21. China – Will probably beat the USA in the space race to Mars. Although appearing strong and correct, the economy continues to slow down more, particularly in the spring and summer, which brings major protests and the people will continue to experience severe famine. China continues the false illusion that it is experiencing dynamic growth. Their debt crisis this year may adversely affect both Europe and ultimately the USA. For the first time since 2006, the USA contributes more to the global GDP growth than China. China will experience negative growth rates in imports, arts, and electricity consumption. There will be pressure from the world to halt the cheap product supplies. China will continue to build its military forces, which prompt fears that Beijing will attack Taiwan in the next year. China says it has one million military; most analysts say it is two million. I also see a volcano eruption that affects millions of people. There sill be more riots in Hong Kong and Mongolia.

22. Iran - Will continue to make and test nucular weapons that cause danger to treaty agreements.

23. Turkey –More riots; more poverty. Government continues to keep their actions under wrap. Further removal of the people who are considered traitors. Will send more substantial troops into Syria.

24. India – Their economy will continue to rapidly expand, and, in the future, may overtake China. There may be a serious excalating conflict with China over the northern border of Kashmir. There may also be a massive earthquake, and it may also affect Pakistan.

25. Uzbekistan - Revolution erupts and war spills into Afghanistan.

26. Russia – As I predicted in 2013, the Russian Army will be crossing over borders and will cause chaos. President Putin’s strong nature and sinister character will attain his objectives, but, really, he is preparing for his own downfall. The Russian economy will collapse, but China will bail Russia out. This will bring the two countries as close allies, both economically and militarily, and present a challenge to America and the West. Japan will feel threatened and will build a nuclear deterrent. This will bring a lot of instability to the region. Russia will push the indecisive European Union to near braking point. For 2016, President Putin will experience misfortunes in war fights and may b hospitalized. In dealing with President Trump, Putin will return alone amd without significant agreements. If Trump makes any deals, some Republicians willl raise a ruckus and opposition

27. Syria – There will be a massive use of drones by the US against ISIS. The people will experience and show much, much sorrow. The alliance between Russia and the USA leaves Syria a wasteland.

28. Iraq – Will become more isolated. Will not be successful in pursuing action against other countries.

29. Russia and the Ukraine will make peace over who is in power in Ukraine.

30. Israel - The Prime Minister will remain in his position; they will have a strong stance on their position in the middle East. Israel will continue to build housing that will go against their agreement with the Palestines. Israel will also develop a better relationship with the USA.

31. Egypt – Will continue to clamp down on the Gaza Strip, as firing continues on Israel.

32. South Africa – Will experience more famine and drought.

33. Himalayas – Another massive earthquake, with dams bursting. There may be over 75 people killed.

34. Italy – The Pope appears to become very ill possibly in the fall, maybe with heart attack. There may be an assination and kidnap attempt on the Pope . The Swiss guards may be killed.

35. Palestinian Authority – Continues to barely survive and keeps a low profile.

36. Africa – Experiences a high drought.

37. Taiwan – Will be very quiet and on alert if China attacks them.

38. India – Their economy will continue to rapidly expand, which, in the long term, may overtake China.

39. Kurds – Will start their own nation.

39. Spain – Massive civil war to overthrow government.

40. Australia and New Zealand - Will experience large earthquakes.

41. Canada - Its economy appears to be slowing down, and politics are still in turmoil. Working to put itself in order.


   Thank you for looking at my predictions. Please keep in mind that I do not expect to be 100% correct about all of these things. Remember, nations, leaders, and individuals all have free will—so things can, and will, change.


   If you have any predictions or premonitions that you would like to share (regardless of the year) please send them to me.


With warmest personal regards,