(All of our psychics are either Degreed or Certified.)

You can have a psychic reading in any number of ways:

1. Face to Face/In person - Of course, this is always the most exciting Reading!!! Connecting with each other's energy, and the sharing of our hopes and dreams!  Alexandra is available by appointment.  The fee is $25 for a 15-minute consultation or $50 for a 30 minute consultation.  Bring any photos, handwritten notes, or items worn exclusively by the individual in question.  Cash, credit cards, or checks are accepted.  Be sure to bring a list of questions/issues.

2. Mini Psychic Readings at the Institute's Psychic Fairs - Various Psychic consultations are always available at our Psychic Fairs and Metaphysical Conferences, usually scheduled for twice a month in San Diego County.  In addition to free admission and free lectures, the mini-psychic reading lasts between 15 and 20 minutes for $20.00.  See our Current and Future Eventson on our home page for the exact times and locations. 

3. Telephone - Call us at (619) 298-3422 to set up a time that is convenient for you.  That time will be guaranteed for you.  Please develop a list of questions or issues to be reviewed just prior to the end of the consultation.  Alexandra prefers to do the Psychic Reading first, then discuss your specific questions.  The fee is $35 for 15 minutes, and $65 for 30 minutes, sometimes longer.  We accept major credit cards and other forms of payment.  It usually helps if, when you are asking about other people, you have their birth month and day - the year is not important.

4. Tape/By Mail - For those that wish to receive a taped Psychic Reading by Alexandra, write out your questions on plain white paper - do not print or use the computer.  The vibrations that you impart on the paper are an integral part of the Reading.  You may also enclose other handwriting samples, or pictures, along with the person's name, birth month and day - all items will be returned to you; along with the taped reading.  The $65 fee includes the cost of the tape and handling fees.  Cash, check or credit cards are accepted.

Types of Readings

Alexandra - Spiritual Psychic and Teacher - 619 298-3422

Never has the Alexandra Institute endorsed or sponsored a psychic (900) phone line "service."

Alexandra will not answer any questions over the Internet.

The Alexandra Institute is open seven days a week from 12 noon to 6 p.m. and is located at 3545 Midway Drive, Suite G, San Diego California  92110. 
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