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Our Objective & Psychic Stages

Here is some information which should help you understand what is a psychic.  Whether you believe it or not, each and everyone of us is born psychic.

The material aspect of the universe is defined as the physical world and the immaterial aspect as the psychic world.

Human beings become aware of the worlds in which they live by consciousness.  His physical consciousness is based on the brain and five external senses; together this shall be defined as the objective consciousness.

The impulses reaching the brain from the physical senses are compared with similar impulses from the past, as well as with past experiences from such impulses; this modification process, leading from the objective cognition to its final result, the perception, is defined as subjective consciousness.

Both objective and subjective consciousness is physical, dependent upon the brain.

Therefore, man's awareness of the immaterial world is often called sub-consciousness.  A better definition is to name it "psychic consciousness."  The subconscious is really, that aspect of consciousness that harmonizes both the physical and psychic.  Psychic consciousness, then is a non-physical consciousness, independent of the physical brain, and thus immortal.


  Objective Psychic
1. A new born baby, with completely, new brain, possesses no "objective consciousness."  Only gradually, though its five physical senses, it gathers and develops impressions about our physical world.  In the meantime, "psychic consciousness" is manifesting itself to a larger degree.  A baby at birth is psychically conscious.  As it develops brain consciousness and the use of it's objective faculties, objective consciousness grows, and psychic consciousness diminishes. 0% 100%
2. At about six years of age a child is perhaps................... 30% 70%
3. By the time he reaches 21 years of age he may have become... 90% 10%
4. Depending upon man's studies and spiritual insight and growth, by the age of 40 years he may have................... 70% 30%

5.  As he grows older and develops further, the percentage of psychic awareness will continue to gradually increase and the objective consciousness decrease.  Reaching a greater age any where between 75 - 85 years and older, man may be using only a small degree of objective awareness and functioning more on the psychic plane without being aware of any change, except that our thoughts are more loving, kindly and compassionate, with greater insights into life's problems.
6.  Finally, if the transition called "Physical death" occurs, naturally and gradually consciousness in the last few days and hours is again almost exclusively psychic.    

In the framework of this description, we can define a psychic person (or psychic) as one whose psychic awareness throughout life never diminishes much below 50% of total awareness.  As a result, a psychic is aware of phenomena ordinary mortals are unable to perceive.

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