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"Learn a Complete Course in Mediumship with simple and easy-to-follow exercises that will open yourself  to your guides and other spirits.."


Alexandra Institute's Staff of Readers 

Alexandra Andrews, Ph.D.

Alexandra (Dr. Alexandra Andrews) is a psychic of international renown.  In addition to performing accurate psychic readings, Alexandra shows people how to shape their futures more positively by using a combination of psychic disciplines and pastoral counseling.  She has formal degrees in Counseling Psychology (M.A.) and Comparative Religion (Ph.D.).


Through a serivce of complimentary events, Alexandra was able to fund and operate a three office counseling agency: one in downtown San Diego, one in El Cajon East San Diego County, and one in Escondido North San Diego County. Through a screening process in conjunction with the San Diego courts, many clients in our program possessed multi-offenses and addiction problems. She also operated two suicide telephone lines: one for adults and one for children. It was during this time that she taught at many Universities throughout the United States, including the University of California at San Diego (UCSD), Stanford University, University of  Utah, etc.

During this time, Alexandra also perfected her psychic abilities and learned most of the various metaphsical sciences and practices.

Alexandra, founder and director of the Alexandra Institute, though aware of her psychic abilities since early childhood, began development of them in the Far East and Middle East.  She studied the development of those philosophies and, with this knowledge, enhanced her Extra Sensory Perception (ESP).  She directed this to the fields of Psychic and Intuitive Development, emphasizing Channeling, Tarot, Palmistry, Numerology, Astrology, Past Lives, Soul Purpose and Karmic Relationships readings.  She pioneered the use of Graphology (Handwriting Analysis) as a tool for jury selection.   She was called "San Diego's answer to "Ghost Busters" by a television news reporter who was doing a story about her and a haunted house.  She is able to communicate with spirits, angels, and deceased entities.

Alexandra founded the Alexandra Institute in order to raise the acceptance of metaphysics and psychic abilities.  To this end, she provides Free Lectures on these subjects and also Workshops and Classes so that people can develop their own abilities.

Alexandra is one of the few psychics who work extensively with the media, law enforcement, and psycho-therapy communities. She is frequently interviewed and has been featured on television, radio and newspapers--locally, nationally and internationally.

Alexandra can be reached at (619) 298-3422



Here are some of the Thank You notes and Testimonials from people who have met with our readers:





Dear Alexandra,


Thank you for our phone session today.  We really appreciate your services and how you support us in living up to our highest potentials! 


With love and gratitude,

Tammy and Terry


Dearest Alexandra,



I want to thank you so much for taking the time. What would I do without your guidance and support?!  Thank you!






Dearest Alexandra,


Thank you soooo much for your kind message.  It really made my day.  I am so touched and feel so grateful!!!  You are the best Alexandra!  I am thinking of you and praying for your happiness always!!!


With Love,

Miwako with big smile ^_^





Just a little something to say thanks for all your help and guidance this past year.  You really inspire me and give me direction in life.  I love your honesty and you’ve proven a lot of things right.  I hope you happiness and I’ll talk to you soon I’m sure!



Samantha Johnson



Hi Alexandra,


As always…thank you so much…you are truly a breath of life for me.  I would feel bad if I only got to see you when I was not doing well.  But luckily, I also come sometimes with others, when I am fine.  So…It’s all good. Thanks so much,








Just a note to thank you for your advice and support for all your teachings.  What I’ve learned from you has helped me defend myself psychically and at the same time enrich my spirituality.


I wish many blessings to you and loved ones.





Hi Alexandra,


Thanks for the wonderful reading.  It’s been 20 years of great readings with you.  It was good to hear your voice, steady, solid as a rock and clear as a bell.  Best wishes to you with your life, your business and your vision for the future.


Thinking of you and sending much love and gratitude,



The following is an excerpt from the book, “Chakras and Their Archetypes – Using Energy Awareness and Spiritual Growth” by Ambika Wauters:


"Alexandra is a young and talented American woman who is deeply intuitive and highly clairvoyant.  Unlike many psychics, she has explored and used her gifts to generate a happy, healthy and fulfilled life for herself.  Clear about her power and true to her integrity, she assists thousands of people every year to realize their full potential.

Alexandra has an Institute for Psychic Development, called The Alexandra Institute in San Diego, CA, and teaches people to develop their own intuitive talents.  I first met her when a friend invited me to an introductory evening class.  Alexandra went around the room offering each person some information about themselves.  She told me two things which I could not believe at the time.  She told me I would change my name and that I would move to a cold climate to live and work.  Four years later, I had changed my name and moved to England, to Manchester, to pursue my homeopathic studies.

Several years after my first meeting with Alexandra, I went to see her on discovering that my sister was going to have a bone marrow transplant.  I wanted to know if she would live through the ordeal.  Alexandra told me many things in that reading, but wouldn’t answer that particular question.  She just said, “Be sure to tell your sister that you love her.”  These turned out to be the lasts words I spoke to my sister.

A few years later while I was visiting California, she told me interesting and wonderful things which subsequently unfolded just as she said they would.

What is so exceptional about Alexandra is the beauty and grace with which she offers her intuition.  Everyday there are long lines of people at her center waiting to see her.  She helps them all.  She is neither bombastic, nor seeking to make herself look important.  She runs her Institute along sound educational and business guidelines.  She is a wise woman who has learned to honor her gifts by developing herself fully and now teaches others how to do the same.  She has been a source of guidance and help for me and many others."

Rev. Inez Lindsey




Feng Shui Master



Yuen Healer

Qigong Healer

Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner

Rev. Inez is a certified astrologer, ISAR, (International Society for Astrological Research), a life member of the San Diego Astrological Society, a member of the American Federation of Astrologers, and a member of NCGR, (National Council for Geocosmic Research). She is also a member of the International Feng Shui Guild.As President of the San Diego Dowsing Society, she has self-published a workbook on Dowsing. Rev. Inez Lindsey also holds a B.F.A. degree in Fine Arts from the University of Arizona. She was ordained as a minister of the Community Church of Religious Science in Jamul, California. A retired elementary public school teacher, Inez is also a certified Qigong Healer and Instructor, as well as a Yuen Healer and Instructor and Jen Shin Jyutsu Practitioner.

Inez has been associated with the Alexandra Institute as a Reader and Lecturer since 1985. In combining Astrology with Numerology, she accurately provides answers for her clients.  She has has presented numerous Free lectures at the Alexandra Institute that include:  Space Clearing and Feng Shui, Your Golden Astrological Days, Dowsing, etc.  She is also available for Feng Shui Readings at the Institute with a sketch of home or office, or on-site consultations.

Make an appointment at the Alexandra Institute by calling (619) 298-3422. Contact Inez at



Hi Rev. Inez,


Thank you so much for your healing.  The symptoms were gone by the evening and I noticed in the morning that the rash is disappearing.  This was just getting worse every day for weeks and one session made a huge difference!






Hi Ms. Lindsey,


I found your e-mail address on the American Society of Dowsers website.  I have a question I hope you can help with.


A friend of mine owns an older motel near the California/Oregon border.  It is in Dunsmuir, CA.  Today he learned he has lost over 1,000 gallons of propane due to an underground leak.  The propane lines run to 16 “rustic” cabins which were built in the 1930’s.  Propane fuel runs the hot water heaters, cooking stoves and heaters (when colder weather appears).


Question:  Is there a possibility that a Dowser could dowse for the propane leak?


The propane company told my friend he needs to dig up all of his propane lines, which would be a major undertaking.


Thank you for whatever assistance you can provide.




I don’t think I ever told you the final results of the accuracy of your analysis of where the gas leak was at Cave Springs.  After we located all of the leaks, there were six separate pin holes in the pipe which were all caused by rocks rubbing against it, it turns out that you were about one foot away from the first hole.  The spread you indicated completely covered the breadth of all of the holes!  Most amazing!  I would love to offer testament to anyone who needs it about what you did for me!  Thank you very much.



Louie Dewey



Hi Inez,


Just spoke to Charlie’s Sharon who said all the things you had told her from the astrology had happened.  Nice pat on the back!!!








(Regarding Winning Times Astrology)
Roy had yellow circles starting at 11:45 on12/21 until 12:30 on 12/22.  He started gambling at 11:45 but did nothing until 12:06.  He kept winning small amounts until almost 12:30 when he was up to $300.00.  He quit at 12:30 with

$250.00.  He had put in $140.00, so netted $110.00.



Dawnyl Wright, B.S.


Aura Photography with 2 Color Pictures and a Personalized Interpretation


Dawnyl is a highly skilled aura photo reader, and her intuitive skills help you to understand not only your aura colors, but also your chakra centers and how to get them in balance. Dawnyl moved to San Diego 16 years ago from Hawaii, where she was born and raised. Since receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology in 1989, she has worked in the medical field as a researcher and medical records specialist. 

Dawnyl continues her studies in the field of energy work and helping others to realize their own inherent ability to use their energy to heal themselves.  She has also developed Aura Photographs with Animals, which also includes a personalized interpretation and two aura photographs.

Dawnyl is available for consultations by contacting her at the Alexandra Institute at (619) 298-3422.



Robyn Sanders



Intuitive Guide

Energy Healing Facilitator

Nutritionist Counselor

Health and Wellness Coach

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified in Crystal Healing

Akashic Records


I was born on Christmas Day, which has always had special significance to me. It's something that has served as a constant reminder to search for meaning and figure out my purpose in this life here on Planet Earth.

I grew up in metaphysics without having any real understanding as to what it is. I knew things without knowing how I knew them and experienced the potential ability we have to alchemize our reality.

As an adult, I have learned to make sense of it all. My background is in psychology, health, and wellness coaching. I have combined this practical knowledge of the way in which the brain and body work with the infinite love and wisdom of Spirit as the basis for my holistic practice. I do intuitive energy healing and work with you to connect and harmonize all levels of being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We work together through various techniques to clear any blockages and put into practice actual methods that allow you to live your best life.

Robyn has been doing consultations at the Alexandra Institute since March, 2014, and has presented free lectures at the Alexandra Institute that include: "How Energy Healing Can Create Miracles."


Robyn can be contacted at the Alexandra Institute (619) 298-3422 or








Anita Coolidge



Energy Clearing

Reiki Healing

Yuen Method Healing

Hawaiian Huna Healing

With a BA in Social Work from the University of Washington, and before that a time at the UW Medical Center in the ER, early on I felt committed to doing work that would help people through "fear and pain." And later after going through the emotional stress of a divorce with the assistance of "New Age" practitioners, I decided to start a TV show on Public Access where I was interviewing alternative healers and spiritual teachers. This was in the '80s when things were beginning to change. And it was Sondra Ray and her work with Rebirthing and breath work that inspired me the most.

Rebirthing is a way of accessing and transforming unconscious material gently and certainly. It employs the client's own resources in the process: the breath, the imagination, the innate intelligence and conscious or unconsciousness material that the psyche holds, along with the help of Spirit. The work is done in a deeply relaxed state so that it is possible to bypass the conscious, rational mind. This, coupled with your intention to heal and surrender to grace, creates a change on the deepest level. It literally brings spirit into all levels of being in the form of breath and light. It changes us within our own temple, our body. It is something that occurs from the inside out.

Since then I have added many other techniques including Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Reiki, Hawaiian Huna, Yuen Method and others. I focus on facilitating the healing of people who are willing to go within and acknowledge their wounds so they can be transmuted to love; as I tune in to a person's energy (whether in person or at a distance), I can sense what might be out of balance and am able to make a correction. And in the process am happy to pass on the techniques. I also have become sensitive to the energy in homes and natural spaces and am able to clear and shift it. All is done with the help of the angelic realm, the ascended masters, golden white light from heaven and the light from the Eye of Horus. It is also common that past life memories come up, whether we believe in them or not. Shift happens, and our lives lighten up.

I like to say, "The present is the past - until we clear it. Rebirthing is one of the most gentle and effective ways to do so, and from the new present it is possible to create a future to look forward to with joy. "Rebirthing is a high without drugs."

I respect all religions. No judgment. Simply unconditional love, a client's willingness to feel and release the negative so that empowerment happens, and I am there for you a long as it takes. With ease and grace, we can move forward in our lives.

Anita has been associated with the Alexandra Institute since February, 2011, doing private consultations, healing, and lectures, including "Rebirthing and Clearing," "Rebirthing, Breath Work and More," and "Learn How to Breathe the Heaven's Light to Transform Our Fears and Past Lives."

You can contact Anita Coolidge at the Alexandra Institute at 619-298-3442 or




Susan Shellcliffe is a healer and psychic spiritual counselor. Susan is a Reiki Master and has been given an additional higher level of healing energy that is known as Shakti.
For her reading/spiritual counseling sessions, she uses the Native American Tarot and the Medicine Cards. She specializes in distance healing and the Totem Animal reading, which is a once-in-a-lifetime reading.
In addition, she is an artist and a writer. Her degrees are in Fine Art. She has a Master of Fine Arts from Cornell University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Old Dominion University.
You can contact Susan at the ALexandra Institute at 619-298-3422.