According to the American Heritage Dictionary...

PSYCHIC:  Of pertaining to the human mind or psyche...extraordinary, extrasensory, non-physical, mental processes such as ESP and mental telepathy, responsive to psychic forces (Greek: psukhikos, from psykhe: breath, soul, life, psyche)

INTUITION:  The act of faculty of knowing without the use of rational processes; immediate cognition; a sense of something not evident or deductible; a capacity for guessing accurately; sharp insight.  Synonym: reason

METAPHYSICS:  Greek: ta meta ta physika - "the things after physics" - Aristotle's treatise on transcendental philosophy, so called because it followed his work on physics...meta meaning after, situated behind, occurring later, beyond, transcending... plus + physika, physics from physikos (natural)

QUANTUM:  (Physics)  An indivisible unit of energy; the particle mediating a specific type of fundamental interaction.

QUANTUM THEORY:  (Physics) A mathematical theory of dynamic systems in which dynamic variables are represented by abstract mathematical operators having properties that specify the behavior of the system.  The theory originated from, and includes as essential aspects, the hypothesis of energy quantization and the concept of wavve-particle duality.

Scientists theorize that in using psychic abilities, a person is able to tune into the atomic or molecular system around them, to levels of comprehension that are not bounded by material dimensions.