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Healing Services
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Energize Your Mind and Body
Reduce Stress
Strengthen Your Immune System

Rev. Inez Lindsey, 
a certified practitioner of Jin shin Jyutsu

inezJin Shin Jyutsu

Quite simply, Jin Shin Jyutsu is a way to balance the life energy.  It uses simples hands-on sequences to restore emotional equilibrium, relieve pain, and release the causes of both emotional and chronic conditions.  It can be used safely in conjunction with any other therapy or medication.  It is not a physical manipulation of tissue, and uses only minimal pressure.  A typical session lasts about one hour.  Rev. Inez does not diagnose or use the word “cure.”  The client is fully clothed and lies face up on a massage table.  Jin Shin Jyutsu can also be used on animals.  Rev. Inez is offering an introductory price of $50. 

All you need to do is call the Alexandra Institute at (619) 293-3422 (or send an e-mail to to book your appointment.  Quite simply, a Jin Shin Jyutsu session will transform your body and aura into a high state of relaxation with a balanced demeanor. 

                                                                     With Warmest Personal Regards,

Theta Healing with 
Rev. Beatrice Calise

Did you know that the cells of your body are like your computer’s hard drive?  they store everything about you.  And now you can learn to access this information to enjoy optimum mental, physical, emotional and health using Theta Healing with Rev. Beatrice A. Calise, who has over 26 years of experience.

Just call the Alexandra Institute at (619) 298-3422 and make your appointment!



Theta Healing changes the software of your mind.  It alters core beliefs that are held in the sub and superconscious mind.  This healing process can reshape any aspect of your life by instantly changing unconscious thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back from being all you can and want to be.  This method can and does respond to physical healing  by eliminating beliefs held in the organs of our body, thereby permitting the Creator energy to health the physical.  Theta Healing is also used for DNA activation, instant transformation of core beliefs, as well as physical regeneration and the removal of subconscious blocks.

During the Theta session, the God connection is made and Rev. Beatrice, as the facilitator, becomes a conduit for healing to take place by witnessing the change.  Through the Theta techniques healing may be accomplished as far back as seven generations of genetic coding.  The client is always calm and relaxed during the session, and a feeling of well-being permeates throughout your body.  A 30-minute session is $50, or $100 for a 60-minute session.  A Theta healing and Hypnotherapy session is $125. Rev. Beatrice has been a Theta Healing Teacher since 2005. Gift Certificates are also available. 

Anita Coolidge



Energy Clearing

Reiki Healing

Yuen Method Healing

Hawaiian Huna Healing

With a BA in Social Work from the University of Washington, and before that a time at the UW Medical Center in the ER, early on I felt committed to doing work that would help people through "fear and pain." And later after going through the emotional stress of a divorce with the assistance of "New Age" practitioners, I decided to start a TV show on Public Access where I was interviewing alternative healers and spiritual teachers. This was in the '80s when things were beginning to change. And it was Sondra Ray and her work with Rebirthing and breath work that inspired me the most.

Rebirthing is a way of accessing and transforming unconscious material gently and certainly. It employs the client's own resources in the process: the breath, the imagination, the innate intelligence and conscious or unconsciousness material that the psyche holds, along with the help of Spirit. The work is done in a deeply relaxed state so that it is possible to bypass the conscious, rational mind. This, coupled with your intention to heal and surrender to grace, creates a change on the deepest level. It literally brings spirit into all levels of being in the form of breath and light. It changes us within our own temple, our body. It is something that occurs from the inside out.

Since then I have added many other techniques including Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Reiki, Hawaiian Huna, Yuen Method and others. I focus on facilitating the healing of people who are willing to go within and acknowledge their wounds so they can be transmuted to love; as I tune in to a person's energy (whether in person or at a distance), I can sense what might be out of balance and am able to make a correction. And in the process am happy to pass on the techniques. I also have become sensitive to the energy in homes and natural spaces and am able to clear and shift it. All is done with the help of the angelic realm, the ascended masters, golden white light from heaven and the light from the Eye of Horus. It is also common that past life memories come up, whether we believe in them or not. Shift happens, and our lives lighten up.

I like to say, "The present is the past - until we clear it. Rebirthing is one of the most gentle and effective ways to do so, and from the new present it is possible to create a future to look forward to with joy. "Rebirthing is a high without drugs."

I respect all religions. No judment. Simply unconditional love, a client's willingness to feel and release the negative so that empowerment happens, and I am there for you a long as it takes. With ease and grace, we can move forward in our lives.

Anita has been associated with the Alexandra Institute since February, 2011, doing private consultations, healing, and lectures, including "Rebirthing and Clearing," "Rebirthing, Breath Work and More," and "Learn How to Breathe the Heaven's Light to Transform Our Fears and Past Lives."

You can contact Anita Coolidge at the Alexandra Institute at 619-298-3442 or